Short bio

1983 August: Is born in Chania - Greece and lives there until the age of eighteen.
2001 Summer: Finishes high-school and moves to Heraklion to study in the department of Materials Science and Technology of the University of Crete.
2004 July: Purchases his first D-SLR camera, a Nikon D70 and initiates Photography as a hobby.
2004 December: Five months later the hobby turns into a profession. Being an active member of the Photography club of the University of Crete (FOPK), he lands his first job in 18-Thirty magazine and 18-30 advertising company.
2006 September: Eleven coverpages later, he moves to Athens in order to study Photography. At the same time he works with several clients.
2008 June: Graduates with success from the Leica Academy and joins the army.
2009 May: Finishes the army service and switches to the Canon EOS system.
2009 August: Releases his first book: b33k, a personal portfolio.
2010 May: Visits London, UK, for 8 months.
2011 May: Launches PhotoshopNow.gr and starts teaching Photoshop & Photography in Athens.
2012 January: Launches online shop for prints of his work with worldwide shipping.
2012 October: Starts teaching Photoshop and Photography classes and seminars in 'IEK AKMI', 'New School Athens' and 'Athens Art Studio'.

Interviews & Features

FOTOgrafos magazine (Cover, Interview and Portfolio in issue: #218 - May/June 2012, date: 2012-05-03, interviewers: Konstantina Gitakou & Panagiotis Kaldis, visit issue, view featured photos)
graphic union PORTFOLIO (Featured in issue: #13, date: July of 2011, download issue, view featured photos)
iefimerida (Interview on date: 2011-04-11, interviewer: Yiannis Baboulias, read article, view featured photos)
fuctART magazine (Featured in issue: #9, date: March of 2011, download issue, view featured photos)
deviantART: Get to know (Interview on date: 2011-02-15, interviewer: Nicholas Creevy - deviantART gallery director, read article, view featured photos)
FOTOgrafos magazine (Cover and Gallery in issue: #191 - November 2009, interviewer: Konstantina Gitakou, date: 2009-10-24, visit issue, view featured photos)
Sky magazine (Presentation of b33k in issue: #12, date: fall of 2009, view article and featured photos)
Photo-business weekly (Interview and Portfolio in issue: #36, interviewer: Konstantina Gitakou - FOTOgrafos journalist, date: 2009-09-21, download issue, view featured photos)
Digital Camera magazine (Cover, Interview and Portfolio in greek issue: #3, date: November of 2008, download article, view featured photos)

Group exhibitions

Adaptations (dates: 2013-05-16 to 2013-05-26, location: Image Gallery - Athens, sponsors: Pixel on Paper, Image Gallery and Perma Jet)
Cyprus - Crete 2010 (contest exhibition of Photography and Cinematography Club of Chania (lefki) and OTE Cultural Club of Chania, dates: 2011-10-01 to 2011-10-07 (Chania) and 2011 November (Heraklion), location: Sailing Club of Chania and Saint Mark's Basilica - Heraklion - Crete, sponsors: Sailing Club of Chania and Diktyo FM)
Photo Vernissage 2010 - TREND (dates: 2010-09-10 to 2010-10-02, location: Central exhibiton hall Saint Petersburg Manege, organizer: Central exhibiton hall Manege and EC REAL, partner: The Russian Union of Photoartists, with the support of: Reuters international agency - Central state photo and film archive of Saint Petersburg - Committee for Culture of Saint Petersburg - Center of Spanish Language and Culture ADELANTE of Saint Petersburg - Consulate General of the Italian Republic - Consulate General of Spain, technical sponsor: Canon)
Lefki 2010 (contest exhibition of Photography and Cinematography Club of Chania (lefki), dates: 2010-09-04 to 2010-09-09, location: Gyali Tzamisi - Chania)
20 years FOPK (retrospective exhibition of UoC Photo club (fopk), dates: 2009-10-15 to 2009-10-31, location: Saint George's Gate - Heraklion - Crete, invited lecturers: Nikos Economopoulos + Yannis Kontos, sponsors: Benaki Museum - Municipality of Heraklion - OTE - Minoan Lines - Aigean Airlines - Lato Hotel and Peppermill)
Fotoskiaseis 2009 (dates: 2009-05-15 to 2009-05-20, organizer: TUC Photo club (fotoskiasi), location: Villa Koundourou - Chania, invited lecturers: Yannis Kontos + Stella Johnson)
Impressions 2007 (dates: 2007-09-29 to 2007-10-14, organizer + location: Leica Academy - Athens, under the 14th international month of photography)
Switch on Photography (dates: 2007-05-24 to 2007-06-24, location: Switch on bar - Athens, sponsors: Carlsberg and SMIRNOFF)
PHOTOgrafes 2007 (contest-exhibition of Photography and Cinematography Club of Chania (lefki), dates: 2007-05-21 to 2007-05-27, location: Gyali Tzamisi - Chania)
FOPK - MED (dates: 2007-05-01 to 2007-09-30, organizer: UoC Photo club (fopk), location: Medicine Department of University of Crete)

Client list


Ipex 2010 (participation in exhibition and contest, date: 2010-05-24, entry: "Miss 3rd floor" (printed book), organizer: Hewlett Packard, Ipex 2010)
European Publishers Award for Photography 2010 (participation in contest, date: 2010-03-30, entry: "Miss 3rd floor" (printed book), organizer: Apeiron Photos)
2007.. Greece, the sea (date: 2007-10-29, position: 1st Winner (GR), entry: photo, organizer: KODAK + Germanos)


Thoughts and Actions (1st conference-festival on drug addiction, dates: 2007-11-09 to 2007-11-11, location: Old customhouse - Chania, organizer: Dimiourgikes Gefires)
All about SEX (dates: 2007-05-07 to 2007-05-30, location: Dasein Bar - Athens)
spring9fest (dates: 2006-05-13 to 2006-05-21, location: Student center of the University of Crete)


Switch on Photography (date: 2007-06-22, location: Switch on bar - Athens, sponsors: Carlsberg and SMIRNOFF)
18-Thirty spring party (date: 2006-04-30, organizer: 18-Thirty magazine, location: Korais cafe-bar - Heraklion)

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