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Material Print Size Price Availability
Quality Paper 47x70cm 79€ Unlimited

Quality Paper 67x100cm 169€ 18 / 50

Quality Paper 121x180cm 499€ 3 / 7

1. All purchases will be double-checked with you before printing.
2. All payments are done via PayPal. Nevertheless, you don't need to have a PayPal account, just choose 'Don't have a PayPal account?' after the 'Check Out' and pay using your debit / credit card. 3. This is not an e-printing service, the quality of the prints is always checked personally. Printing is photochemical, without the use of ink. 4. For exact sizes to fit your frames, other details and information don't hesitate to contact me.
5. Images are being printed without the logos and URLs on. Limited images are numbered and signed on the back.


exhibited at: Saint Petersburg Manege 2010

featured in: FOTOgrafos magazine (issue: #218, May-June 2012 and issue: #191, November 2009 and issue: #234, January-February 2015), graphic union PORTFOLIO, Photo-business (issue #36, September 2009) and (interview and Daily Deviation 2008-02-20)

model: Maria Ntelakou
thanks to: Eleni Ioannidou
location: pinkSquare, Athens
copyright: 2008

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