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Personally selected photographs from my portfolio including images from 2007 to present. This category is placed on the main page which can be accessed from the first screen when you enter the website. Mature content warning.

Fully clothed photographs that are suitable for the books and portfolios of female models, dancers, actresses or singers. Not all photographs of this category were initially shot for a complete book.

Close-up only photos of women, emphasizing on female beauty, expression and gaze, in order to communicate an idea, emotion or concept.

Experimenting and practicing are what keep a photographer fresh and motivated and give him the energy to keep up with his assignments. Therefore, the Projects category contains images of personal ideas, concepts and studies that were conducted during my activity as a photographer since 2007.

Glamorous photography whereby the subjects, usually female, are portrayed in a romantic or sexually alluring way. Mature content warning, please respect the models.

Artistic Nude photography of female bodyscapes. This category emphasizes more on the body shape rather than on the face of the model. Mature content warning, please respect the models.

A closer look on the features of the human face. Eyes and lips are the most expressive facial characteristics. These photographs were taken using macro lenses.

Photographs of male models exhibited either for personal projects or for models' own portfolio. In photography, male models are more rare than female ones, so men's photographs are placed in this separate category in the portfolio.

Browse the portfolio by selecting the year the photographs were taken. Only a few photos that were taken before the year 2007 can be found.

Every model, colleague, make-up artist, hair stylist, assistant and more is given credit with a personal address that links to a portfolio. Pick a name or click "all credits".

All equipment, places, lighting etc are a separate clickable tag. When exploring the portfolio click any link that seems interesting in the photographs' description.