Photo Retouching

With 16 years of experience in Photoshop and the last 10 years teaching the program, I am able to retouch your own images to your needs.

Back in 2004 when I started, I was lucky to live through the change of photography, from analog to digital. That way, I learnt to have respect for classical photography as well as visual realism, which later taught me not to go beyond the limits of the unreal.

Since the beginning, in Photoshop, I was involved solely with the improvement of photography and not with its other uses. I was there since the birth of RAW files and many important features of the program. Due to the nature of my photographic specialization, I approach the face and skin in a special way, improving and maintaining all the textures.

See before and after editing examples as well as my entire photographic portfolio, that part of its process is digital editing. Feel free to contact me for a sample edit on your own image.

Nikos Vasilakis

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